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UV Film, See Through And Blackout Blinds

Alongside the heat reduction, and offering a protection air conditioning cannot, Sun Protection office blinds will shield personnel from harmful UV light and reduce the dermatological risks.

Our UV film and Semi-see through blinds filter rather than block natural sunlight and, unlike other products, they do not permanently darken a workplace in the winter months. Our blinds are easily installed and are a non-permanent solution to avoid any issues with damaging windows with adhesive film in rental properties.

Using technology manufactured for the Marine and Aviation sectors, our energy saving blinds come with both manual and remote-controlled operating systems with the option of a greener solar-panel power source.

To remove any potential hazards in reception areas and public spaces we offer sunshade blinds with a more robust material and no hanging chain or cord to remove any chance of danger to the public or damage to the blinds.

To provide an optimal environment for presentations and meetings we offer automated privacy and blackout blinds for boardroom, meeting rooms, and senior management offices.


We offer three types of office blind material to suit different  office requirements.

UV Film:

This option is for when you want the optimum amount of natural light to enter the room but block the harsh glare of the sun, which can make your screen hard to read.  The film also filters out harmful UV which can cause skin damage and cancers.  It will also provide a much cooler environment without the added costs of air conditioning and will reduce energy costs too. It is available in a selected range of film colours.


UV Material See Through:

This still lets through plenty of light but is not as effective in light transmission as the UV film blinds. People purchase these blinds when they want more privacy, but still the benefit of better visibility, a cooler office and protection from the sun. They are very stylish and are popular with interior office designers. They are available in a very large range of colours to match any designs and colour schemes you currently have.


Blackout Material:

As described our Blackout option offers total protection from the sun. They are popular in boardrooms that tend to use projectors. Or, in offices were you want a “Pick And Mix” approach  to which windows in your office you want to block or allow sunlight in. Like UV Film and Semi-See through blinds they help keep your office cool whilst reducing your energy costs. They are also available in a large range of colours to match any interior designs/colour scheme.

Our blinds are quick and easy to install.
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Sun Protection Blinds optimise the workplace and public spaces, where heat and glare from the sun creates an uncomfortable environment for staff and visitors. We specialise in supplying to trade and offer attractive project-based discounts to our clients, who typically maintain and refurbish commercial, public, and large residential buildings.  All our blinds are manufactured with UK only sourced parts. We house a substantial amount of stock in our warehouse to meet any urgent requirements you may have.

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