Electric Blinds

Electric Blinds

Remote Controlled Motorized Office Blinds

Electric Blinds are stylish and convenient. They add a touch of elegance to the office space, reception area, waiting room or boardroom. Operating every blind in the office with one touch of a button is extremely convenient too. Imagine every blind in the office rolling down to eliminate glare on the screen, without getting out of your seat? Or just a few window blinds in one group coming down whilst others stay up?

With our electric blinds, we offer mains connected 230V motorised blinds and also battery powered blinds. A mains connection is ideal for new buildings or a refurbished work place. Battery powered roller blinds bring ease of installation and avoid the need for electricians.

Electric powered roller blinds are best suited to buildings where there are a lot of windows, or where the windows are difficult to reach. Large offices, leisure centres, public buildings, hospitals, care homes and hotels. These are just some examples of buildings where electric blinds are most suitable.

It may be that the heat from the sun is making the temperature uncomfortable. Our anti-glare heat reducing blinds need to come down fully or partially. It may be that the room needs to be completely dark for presentation purposes or privacy. Any type of roller blind, whether it is anti-glare or blackout, can be supplied as a motorised unit. Better still, our motor is discreetly tucked away inside the roller so the blind remains aesthetically pleasing.

In recent times, we have all became more conscious of social distancing. With electric blinds, the blind can be pulled up or down without leaning over another person’s desk or bed.


We manufacture and supply film, blackout and see through fabric motorized blinds in a range of colours. 

They see through fabric blinds block the harsh glare of the sun but still allow allow you to see out. The blinds are available in hard wired, battery and solar-powered options.

Where Electric Blinds Are Fitted


Modern offices with wall to ceiling glass are great for letting natural light and heat in. If this is a large work space, the number of blinds can reach a quantity that makes it inconvenient to operate the blinds. Clients like to add our stylish motorised blinds into their modern work space.

Leisure Centres

Day time privacy blinds like those available from Sun Protection Blinds, are great for allowing members to see out whilst preventing those outside from looking in. However, gymnasiums represent a large area, often with many windows. Motorised blinds means that all the blinds can be operated by a member of staff from one central point

Public Buildings

Libraries, Council buildings, Airport lounges are often large areas with people inside for lengthy periods. In summer the temperature can quickly escalate. People inside will benefit from the cooler environment created when the blinds are drawn down. With electric blinds, every window can quickly be covered with anti-glare heat reducing fabric that is mounted on our roller blinds.


To compliment our materials with anti-microbial properties, motorised blinds allow staff to draw the blinds down on all the windows on the ward with one press of a button. Time saved and social distancing observed. Blinds can even be grouped so that for example, only the south facing window blinds are drawn down.


Reception areas and Dining rooms are the most common applications where electric blinds are fitted. With guests waiting around in reception or to be seated for a dinner at a function, the temperature can often cause discomfort. Just one member of staff can pull the blinds down to instantly reduce the temperature. With our see through anti-glare fabrics, guests can still enjoy the views outside.


Diners inevitably want the table by the window. They want to enjoy the views but then find the sun is making their dining experience a little uncomfortable. See through anti-glare roller blinds are the obvious solution so why not opt for electric blinds? That way, restaurant staff can draw the blind down without interrupting the diners. They will appreciate your concern whilst respecting their privacy.

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Sun Protection Blinds optimise the workplace and public spaces, where heat and glare from the sun creates an uncomfortable environment for staff and visitors. We specialise in supplying to trade and offer attractive project-based discounts to our clients, who typically maintain and refurbish commercial, public, and large residential buildings.  All our blinds are manufactured with UK only sourced parts. We house a substantial amount of stock in our warehouse to meet any urgent requirements you may have.

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