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Our range of fabric see-through blinds are are very well suited to hospital, doctors waiting rooms and healthcare settings because they comply and have been tested for suitability in those environments.

In lay mans terms this means bacteria , fungal and viruses can not grow on the fabric. So, patients are safer. In addition  they also offer UV  and anti-glare protection. The fabric is breathable, easy to wipe clean and disinfect between uses.

Bacterial & Fungal Resistance Certification.

BS EN ISO 846 (UK) / US ASTM G21 (Fungal) US ASTM G22 (Bacteria) 

The Science Behind our Blinds

Our blinds contain an antimicrobial agent applied to the material that stops the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, virus and fungus on the surface of a material. And as such is used in particular in health care settings such as clinics but are also gaining popularity industry, and even the home. However, the most important use of antimicrobial coatings still remains healthcare environments. As linens, clothing and the untreated fabric used in blinds provides a good environment for many bacteria, fungi and viruses to grow .If it comes in contact with patients and staff it allows for the transmission of infectious disease. The material we use in our blinds have been manufactured to be antimicrobial and clinically tested to both BS and US standards. So, they are a much more safer option in healthcare settings and of course they fire retardant

Our Roller blinds are used in a number of health care settings
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Sun Protection Blinds optimize the workplace and public spaces, where heat and glare from the sun creates an uncomfortable environment for staff and visitors. We specialize in supplying to trade and offer attractive project-based discounts to our clients, who typically maintain and refurbish commercial, public, and large residential buildings.  All our blinds are manufactured with UK only sourced parts. We house a substantial amount of stock in our warehouse to meet any urgent requirements you may have.

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