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Outdoor workers are given PPE against prolonged sun exposure, but the harmful effects of sunlight are not avoided with a simple glass window. Even in winter and with low temperatures, having personnel situated by an unprotected window may be harmful to their health.

Apart from suffering from an overheated office, little thought is given to the potential dangers of spending thirty or more hours a week working in sunlight. According to the skin cancer organization UVA rays, which cause tanning and sunburn, are still damaging the skin of those in the light of an unprotected window.

The second threat of unprotected windows is eyestrain caused by screen glare.

Eyestrain can cause:


  • Eye discomfort
  • Headaches
  • Sore, tired, burning, or itchy eyes
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Watery eyes
  • Dry eyes
  • Blurred or double vision
  • Increased sensitivity to light

All of which may lead to less productivity or an increase in absences.

Bright lighting and too much glare can strain your eyes and make it difficult to see objects on your monitor. The worst problems are generally from sources above or behind you, including fluorescent lighting and sunlight. One can turn off the lights, but escaping the sunlight limits where desks and monitors can be situated to comply with work place ergonomics, which recommend you position computer monitors at 90 degrees to the window.


However, Sun Protection Blinds can reduce screen glare and eyestrain whilst also protecting the office from excessive heat – all without removing natural sunlight from the work environment.

Blocking out sunlight with standard roller or vertical blinds will lead to a darker workplace or an environment flooded with fluorescent light all year round. Spending much of the day in artificial lighting and the lack of natural sunlight has an adverse effect on the body and the mind, and can result in conditions such as seasonal affective disorder

Natural sunlight is essential to regulating sleep cycles which in turn result in a happier and more productive workforce. Numerous studies have shown that that natural light in office spaces improves worker satisfaction, productivity, and attendance.

The third benefit to installing Sun Protection Blinds into the workplace is their ability to vastly reduce the temperature caused by direct sunlight.

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Protect your personnel from a too hot office with Sun Protection Anti-Glare Blinds Sun Protection anti-glare film protects the workplace from 99% of penetrating UV light. This not only protects personnel from the potential health risks of direct sunlight but offers a much cooler and more productive work environment. Screen glare is a major cause of eyestrain, and the UV film both vastly reduces glare and frees up the positioning of desks and screens by not needing to avoid windows. The anti-glare film also offers full visibility from the workplace whilst offering privacy from outside during daylight hours - perfect as office blinds, security blinds, hospital blinds, and store blinds. Whilst other blinds block most of the sunlight from the workplace, the film does not. Instead, it filters the natural light to provide a well-lit workplace. Not only do our blinds protect personnel, but they protect furnishings from the long-term effects of sun damage and fading. We offer a range of manual operation options alongside a remote-controlled motorised option. This is a perfect solution for exceedingly tall or inaccessible windows, and always a point of interest in a boardroom or private office.

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