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Reduce Your Energy Bills And Your Carbon Footprint

The thermometer is being watched as much as the clock whilst personnel flock to the windowless corridors and restrooms to escape the heat. Those at their desks are drafting lengthy emails about air conditioner installation to their managers whilst CCing in Human Resources with links to studies on the legality of overheated offices and working environments.

Nevertheless, the workplace is rented and the landlord has no interest in increasing the comfort or productivity of those in a short-term lease by installing air conditioning. They also forbid gluing adhesive film to their windows for risk of damages. The tenant, however, is free to pay for the air conditioning installation themselves and leave it behind when the lease comes to an end.

Installing office air conditioning costs a minimal of £500 per room of a workplace during construction. If the installation is required in an existing building, that price rapidly increases.

The additional cost of running air conditioning, for the average 3kW unit, for just one hour is £0.528 which is only suitable to cool a single boardroom on a hot day.

That one unit adds an extra £1,098 a year.

The final, and repeating, expenditure is the annual maintenance and any call-out repair costs due to equipment, electrics, or leakage.

That one small 3kW unit has also emitted 2,288 CO²e into the atmosphere.

Even if the workplace already has units installed they can lower the cost of air conditioning, and their carbon footprint, by installing sun Protection Blinds and switching off the AC more often.

The Boardroom Blinds and Motorized Blinds come with the option of a solar-panel recharge to remove the need of any hard wiring.

Sun Protection Blinds offer a solution that drastically lowers office temperatures with a non-damaging; one-cost product available in a variety of options to suit the needs of the workplace.

Reduce your carbon foot print with office blinds.


Every business should want to reduce energy cost and reduce their carbon footprint. Window blinds should form part of a list of measures you can incorporate to lower energy cost and make your office greener.

Our UV film allows natural sun light to pass through and illuminate your office. This will reduce your use of artificial light and so reduce your electricity bill. Our UV film blinds not only allows the beneficial spectrum of natural sunlight, which has been shown to boost staff morale but it also filters out the harmful spectrum range  in sunlight which  damages skin, causes cancer and fades fabric.

All our blinds also reduce air conditioning and heating bills helping to keep offices cooler in summer and warm in winter.  

In summer they block the solar energy streaming in raising the temperature of the office. While helping trap the cooler air from the air conditioner inside. In winter they help stop heat escaping within the office, while insulating the office from the colder air outside.

Our blinds are very simple to install and a cost effective method to reduce energy blinds. The energy saving cost the blinds create will pay for themselves over a relatively short period of time.

Our motorized controlled blinds can also be operated of solar- panels and provide a enough energy throughout the year to operate the blind even on overcast days and winter months.

Reduce the office temperature in office
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