Boardroom Blinds


Motorised Or Hand Operated Blinds. Ideal For Privacy And Visibility Of Projection Or LCD Screens


Protect your staff from a hot and stuffy meeting room and remove the glare from your presentations with Sun Protection Boardroom Blinds.

Glare and unclear projection screens can ruin a presentation just as an overheated room can ruin a meeting.

Open windows create the distraction of building works and traffic, whilst the rattle of AC kicking in only serves to wake up your sweltering visitors who cannot decide on the thermostat.

Our executive Boardroom Blinds are perfect for any meeting room, lecture hall and even personal offices where protection from heat and glare from the sun is required. Our blackout material also provides privacy when blinds added to internal windows.

Our Boardroom Blinds can be remote operated and can be lowered in sync with the push of a button. This can be used not only to darken the room when presenting using a projector but can be lowered prior to the meeting to cool the room and furniture to avoid an uncomfortable and distracting environment.

There is no more unnecessary set-up needed to prepare a meeting rooms and no need to ruin the flow of a presentation by scrambling to close blinds by hand.

All Sun Protection Blinds are housed in a slimline, unobtrusive cassette in either grey or black and the motor is designed to be as quiet as possible. Large vertical blinds and exposed roller blinds may become dusty, dirty or faded, however the Boardroom Blinds are mildew resistant, wipe-cleanable, and do not obstruct the ability to clean the window itself.

Board room blinds.
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Sun Protection Blinds optimise the workplace and public spaces, where heat and glare from the sun creates an uncomfortable environment for staff and visitors. We specialise in supplying to trade and offer attractive project-based discounts to our clients, who typically maintain and refurbish commercial, public, and large residential buildings.  All our blinds are manufactured with UK only sourced parts. We house a substantial amount of stock in our warehouse to meet any urgent requirements you may have.

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