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We manufacture and supply very high quality office and industrial roller UV film and fabric see through and  fabric blackout sun protection blinds. All blinds can be customized both in size, shape and colour to match the architecture of your building and company logos.

All of our blinds are used in a wide range of applications: Including offices, boardrooms, universities, hospitals and call centres. 

We are one of the UK’s leading UV film office blind specialists. All our blinds have been rigorously tested and certified by independent bodies, to test both fire resistance and UV protection. We are so confident in the quality of our products we offer a 5 year warranty. 

Alongside the heat reduction, and offering a protection air conditioning cannot, Sun Protection blinds will shield personnel from harmful UV light and reduce the dermatological risks whilst at work. Our blinds also vastly reduce screen glare and the risk of eyestrain without the need to install glare-reducing monitors or providing contributions toward glasses.

Both our anti-glare ranges filter rather than block natural sunlight and, unlike other products, they do not permanently darken a workplace in the winter months. Our blinds are easily installed and are a non-permanent solution to avoid any issues with damaging windows with adhesive film, as we know this is a big problem especially in rental properties.

Using technology manufactured for the marine and aviation sectors our energy saving blinds come with both manual and remote-controlled operating systems with the option of a greener solar-panel power source.

To remove any potential hazards in Reception areas and other high traffic public spaces we offer sunshade blinds with a more robust material, with no hanging chain or cord to remove any chances of damage to the blinds and danger to the public.

To provide an optimal environment for presentations and meetings we offer automated privacy and blackout blinds for boardroom, meeting rooms, and senior management offices.

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Fabric see through roller blinds


Protect your personnel from a too hot office with Sun Protection Anti-Glare Blinds Sun Protection anti-glare film protects the workplace from 99% of penetrating UV light. This not only protects personnel from the potential health risks of direct sunlight but offers a much cooler and more productive work environment. Screen glare is a major cause of eyestrain, and the UV film both vastly reduces glare and frees up the positioning of desks and screens by not needing to avoid windows. The anti-glare film also offers full visibility from the workplace whilst offering privacy from outside during daylight hours - perfect as office blinds, security blinds, hospital blinds, and store blinds. Whist other blinds block most of the sunlight from the workplace, the film does not. Instead it filters the natural light to provide a well-lit workplace. Not only do our blinds protect personnel, but they protect furnishings from the long-term effects of sun damage and fading. We offer a range of manual operation options alongside a remote-controlled motorised option. This is a perfect solution for exceedingly tall or inaccessible windows, and always a point of interest in a boardroom or private office.

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Sun Protection Blinds optimize the workplace and public spaces, where heat and glare from the sun creates an uncomfortable environment for staff and visitors. We specialize in supplying to trade and offer attractive project-based discounts to our clients, who typically maintain and refurbish commercial, public, and large residential buildings.  All our blinds are manufactured with UK only sourced parts. We house a substantial amount of stock in our warehouse to meet any urgent requirements you may have.

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